Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How To Keep Your Man Happy

I will say this, this will be applicable to all men and to all situations. When you first meet someone and you do certain things to get their attention. It may be the sexy clothes you wore, may have been the comments you said, it may be because you were so flirty, but bottom line is, you did something to get the attention of your soon to be man.

This is the key ladies, so listen up. WHAT EVER YOU DID TO GET YOUR MAN, YOU WILL HAVE TO DO TO KEEP YOUR MAN! And it really is that simple. If you can’t continually do the same thing, then don’t start. For example, have you went out with a guy, on the first date, he opens doors, let’s you go first, pulls out your seat for you, etc. Then by the 10 date, he is comfortable, he lets you get your own door and now you may be even paying for the meal? How do you feel about that? Different right? You don’t feel as special anymore and the love starts to fade a bit. Your actions are the same way.

So, if you always wear sexy clothes, you give your man head every day, when he come over you jump into his arms or kiss him, you compliment him on his shoes, etc. You have to keep that going. He is around you because of the way you make him feel and vice versa. So, when you stop doing those “special” things that he likes, he is going to lose interest. Makes sense, really simple, but most people still don’t get it. What happens is this, people get comfortable, the relationship is NOT new anymore, so they stop doing the special things. It is not because they do not like the person anymore, but they feel like they have “won” that person over, so they don’t have to “try” to “win” them anymore.

Have you noticed that, as soon as you say “we are a couple” the other person or maybe even you, have this attitude of “that is my baby, they ain’t going no where.” And you put your guard down. Guess what? When you get relaxed and stop doing all that nice stuff for them, the next person (man or woman) is going to provide to your lover what you stopped doing and that is going to get their attention. So, how do you prevent this? Pay attention to what you did to get them to like you in the first place, make sure you give them that attention on a continual basis and never stop. So that it doesn’t get boring, you may need to spice it up a bit, but never quit.

In reality, a man wants a woman who will support him in his dreams and goals – give him encouragement, love him no matter what – even when he fails, compliment him on how strong or manly he is, let him have peace and quiet some times when he is watching sports or playing video games, a woman who can cook him a good meal – especially his favorite foods, and someone who will give him the love, affection and attention he desires on a daily basis (this is different for each man).Relationships – friends with benefits – does that really work?


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